As with most online travel sites, you can book flights, hotels, rental cars and cruises through CheapOair. Combination packages are available too, in case you want to book multiple reservations, like flights and hotels, for one price. You can also find long lists of travel deals for discounted prices if you just want to get away.

To get the best deals, you have to be very flexible with what flight you're willing to take and when you leave. For example, you could book a flight for under $100 only if you're willing to fly from a specific location on the specified days. While these deals apply to specific conditions, this travel website makes it easy to keep track of trending destinations and deals for your area.

The search features for all booking on CheapOair are standard for most online travel agencies. The initial homepage search for hotels, flights and other booking covers the basics like location, date and preferences. Once you've reached your results, you can narrow your search down to finer points, like shortest flight or the area of town where you want to stay. While searching for flights, you can select flexible dates to check rates three days before or after your desired travel date. When searching for hotels, you can sort hotels by guest review, star rating or special rates for customers like senior citizens or active military.

CheapOair provides affordable rates for all types of reservations, but some of the terms of booking through this company are not beneficial for everyone. Despite CheapOair's low prices, the service tacks on a processing fee for all passenger ticket types, hotels per night per room and vacation packages. . If your plans fall through, brace yourself for a cancellation fee that can get pretty steep, even outweighing the original cost of booking. However, seniors, the bereaved or active military members may be able to waive these fees if they cancel over the phone.

Although these processing fees can be intimidating, CheapOair provides plenty of tools to help you get where you need to go. The Traveler Tools section allows you to check booking, check in to your flight online and find special assistance if you or someone traveling with you is disabled. There you'll also find travel guides, trends and testimonials to help you prepare for any big journeys ahead. The mobile app available through CheapOair also provides you with updates and promo codes to shave off the extra charges from processing fees.

CheapOair Summary:

Although CheapOair is one of the best online travel sites we reviewed for travelers on a budget, the processing fees that come with booking or cancellation may surprise you. Fortunately, promo codes and special rates can lessen cancellation or booking pains.



You can find airline tickets well under $100 through the travel deals section.

Processing fees from this online travel site can cost as much as the flight itself.

The Verdict:

Prices from CheapOair are lower than prices from other travel websites we reviewed. It's easy to find good deals from this travel website for domestic and international locations.