With CheapoAir.com, an online travel site, you can book flights, hotels, cars and cruises. They also have a corporate travel team, but you have to speak to a sales representative to establish an account and details.

Service fees vary from $0 to $25 depending on the type of fare you book. If you need to change your itinerary, there can be up to a $100 charge and paper tickets are about $10 to cover the Fed–Ex cost. Be cautious when searching for fares and rates. cheapoair.com is one of the few travel service sites we reviewed that did not include all taxes and fees in the search price. These fees do not appear until the checkout process. We found for domestic flights taxes and fees can be more than $100 per ticket. Before filling out all your personal information, scroll down to the bottom of the page and double check your final price.

CheapoAir.com has many flight search options, except the ability to search flexible dates. In a hotel search you can search for hotels by city, airport, chain, name and star rating. You can search from a list of points of interest in your destination city. For example, you can search for a hotel in Philadelphia near the Theater District, but not near the Liberty Bell or Independence Hall.

CheapoAir.com includes a low fare guarantee. If you find a fare cheaper than cheapOAir’s they will credit you up to $15 difference on your next flight. Additionally that credit has to be used within three months of obtaining it.

CheapoAir.com includes several news and information resources including travel updates and security, passport information and an airline contact list. Additionally, there is information about vaccinations, an embassy locater and a website language translator.

We have mixed feelings about CheapoAir.com’s customer service. We contacted them several times through their query service. The first time they responded in a day. The second time within two hours; however, they didn’t answer our question. We had a difficult time getting anyone to answer our questions without a reservation.

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